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Researching and Writing

Ubah H. (adult ESL)'re a good teacher. You understand everyone, what they need, and you help them be successful. You are a good teacher with a good heart.

Student Writing

Syed A. (adult ESL)

Thank you for always doing everything that you can to help your students. You are very kind and teach with great patience. Your teaching was excellent.


Kenny (GED - Language Arts)

Michelle teaches very well. ...she was able to go at a slow pace for my husband to learn. Respectful and well mannered. No negativities when teaching and tutoring. Gave feedback and advises what next to practice and focus on. She’s a very nice person.

Chapter Three

Helen T. (11th grade - ESL)

Michelle has been helping me improve my English for more than a year. She has really helped me improve my reading and pronouncing unfamiliar words. She is a very nice person and I can say my English is much better than before.

Notebook and Pencil

Pa Kou T. (adult ESL)

I want to say thank you for helping me to read, write, and speak English better. Thank you so much.

Quiet Desk

Heather K. (Workplace ESL)

Michelle is an excellent tutor, who tailors her work to each individual she coaches. Since she began teaching, her students have learned so much, and feel more confident in what they are learning. 

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