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Stepping Stone Tutoring provides individualized, high-quality tutoring to help students of all ages increase confidence and acquire the skills they need to meet their personal, academic, community, and employment goals. 


I believe that all of my students have prior knowledge and life experiences that contribute to the learning process. For that reason, I strive to build rapport right away with students to establish trust and make them more open to learning. Therefore, when I first meet with students, I ask them questions to learn about their backgrounds and understand their goals. 


Stepping Stone Tutoring uses teaching and tutoring techniques that employ scaffolding and guided questions to help students understand how to approach a new question or concepts as a series of smaller questions building on what they already know. Additionally, because asking questions is really where deep learning takes place, I focus on building strong relationships with clients to ensure that the students I work with feel comfortable asking any questions they have and feel confident that I will treat them with respect and dignity in return. 

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